Refinance Loans

Refinance home loans are mortgage loans (either conventional, VA, FHA or USDA) to pay off an existing lein against the subject property. The can be for the present principal balance and closing costs (rate and term) or they can (under certain circumstances) allow the borrower to pull equity out of the property to use for other purposes (consolidate debt, use for home improvements, etc.)

Specific Guidelines for refinance transactions vary by the type of loan, type of property and ownership interest (owner occupied, second home or investment property) and whether the borrower is desiring to do a rate and term or cashout refinance.

Because the number of variables are so large, it is best to discuss with your Envoy Mortgage loan officer in person, or via the telephone/email/webinar etc. your specific wishes and desires for refinancing. He/she will want to review your current loan balance, your estimate on your current property value, your income and credit, and your present assets. Based on all of that information, your Envoy Mortgage representative will let you know if refinancing makes sense for you and what the payment and cost will look like.

And best of all, based on your situation, if refinancing may not be the best method to accomplish your stated end result where you want to be financially, they will tell you and help you figure out how to get there.

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Refinance Loans: